Please fill in the questionnaire, then pay in advance.

It is Ok to take a enzyme bath when  you have high blood pressure and heart problem.

*Please do not take a enzyme bath during menstlation.


*Pregnant woman can take a bath.

Please drink a glass of Mana water before you get in Rice bran enzyme bath.



Get a disposable under wear, bath towels, a shower cap, a batik cloth,  after the payment.


up on the slope, woman's changing room is on the left and man's on the right.


Please take off your shoes in the changing room.

No make-up could be more preferable.

Please hang locker key on the spa wall.

After changing, put the basket in front on the shower room, then get into the spa room.

Use batik cloth while making up to cool down.


So let's lie down in the bran.



Please pay attention to your foot steps when get in the bath as bran is very fluffy and unstable.


Normally 15- 20 min. should be long enough, the longest could be 30 min. our staff will inform you timing.

It's ok to move your hands, feet, or back in the bran.

If you feel too hot, it's ok to put hands and feet out of bran.




it is not allowed to take a bath after drinking.



When you finish, put hands and feet out of bran and rest for few minutes.

Sudden standing may cause dizziness.  Please stay sit for about 5 minutes.

Please do not  wipe bran from body in the bran.


Please take bran off in front of the mirror in the spa room, our staff will help you .

Take a key, then go to shower room.

Please throw disposable under wears into the white box in the shower room.

We recommend not to use soap although organic shampoo and soap is available as enzyme will be more effective on your skin.

We use Mana water, through water activation device invented by Free energy institute in Saitama, Japan.

it's full of energy like water fountain or water falls. Get the benefit using this water. it's also drinkable.

Please unlock two shower room door after taking a shower.  

Use a towel in the basket your placed earlier.

Put the used towel in the bag by the mirror.

To avoid sweat, please wear batik cloth and rest.


Drink a glass of Mana water at the end.

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